Arguably the best sports in the world, Football has a lots of viewers and is watched by billions because of which the film makers have always targeted to capture the thrill of the game in the big screens.

Although there are lots of Football movies made, both the mixtures of documentary and drama, today we focus to present you the 5 best Football movies ever made. The listing is done on the basis of different components which include user experience, ratings, reviews and total gross collection by the movie in the box office.

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Five Best Football Movies

The list following

Escape to Victory

– The movie is about Allied prisoners of war who are caged in a German prison camp during World War II and play an exhibition match of Association football against a German team. The movie is based in a myth where FC Dynamo Kyiv defeated German soldiers as a result of which all Ukrainians were shot to death when the German troops conquered Ukraine in World War II.

The 1981 film has lots of stars to offer in the story line with Pele and Stallone as a funny goalkeeper. Although the story line of the movie is not best by far, the movie produces catchy feeling with the stages and environment set up.

The movie caught lots of attention upon release as it featured some famous football players like Pele and other including the players from Ipswich town who stood in for action in the movie. Former West Ham Captain and England International Bobby Moore, Argentine midfielder Osvaldo Ardiles, etc along with Pele are some notable stars starring the movie.

Mean Machine

– Mean Machine is a 2001 British comedy-drama movie that features former Footballer Vinnie Jones in the leading role. Jones who has been former Chelsea, QPR and Wales’s national team player features as former England National team captain who has been jailed for a match fixing. Jones who has been featured as ‘Danny Meehan’ is former England Football team captain who has been life banned from football for fixing England vs Germany match.

Meehan is often beaten by the prison guards for misbehaving, as a result of which the prison governor offers him a job as a coach for prison guard’s football team to improve his bond with the guard, however he rejects and trains other inmates to make a football team and play against the prison guard.

The movie released on December, 2001 has been a success and grabbed a box office amount of $7,310,206. The movie is total fun instead of classic and masterpiece which gives it an average rating of 6.5/10.

The Damned United

– The 2009 English movie is based on David Peace’s bestselling novel The Damned Utd, a largely imagined book based on the author’s explanation of Brian Clough’s hapless tenancy as football manager of Leeds United in 1974.

The movie features Michael Sheen as Brian Clough, former Derby Country manager who has been chosen as new Leeds United man. After failing to qualify to the 1974 world cup, England manager Alf Ramsey is replaced by current Leeds United manager Don Reiy, the highly successful manager. Brian Clough is handed over the position of Leeds United, however because of Leeds United’s critics of playing a rough and physical game, Clough’s long serving assistant manager Peter Taylor does not join Clough in Leeds.

Clough who was highly identified as the Derby manager had hate for Leads which became almost an act of revenge when the young manager took over Leeds United. It is also believed that the Leeds Players lost most of the matches to sabotage the newly appointed man.

The movie released in 27 March, 2009 is one of the best Football movies ever and grabbed a total worldwide box office of 4,091,378. The movie is rated 7.6 out of 10 from almost 25,000 reviewers which suggests ‘The Damned United’ as one of the must watch movie as a football fan.

The Green Street Hooligans

– The 2005 film is drama about Football Hooligans in the England where a wrongly expelled Harvard UnderGraduate is expelled from the university and he visits London who he experiences violent underworld of football hooligans.

The movie stars Elijah Wood as Matt Buckner who has been expelled for discerning Cocaine in his room which belongs to his roommate. Matt moves to England to stay with his married sister, her husband Steve and their son Ben. Matt meets Steve’s brother who is a loud fan runs a football hooligan firm there – a firm that manages a fight between the fans after the match.

Steve asks his brother to make Matt to the West Ham vs Birmingham City match; however his brother Pete is forced to take Matt to the match unwantedly given that Steve would only pay for the ticket if Matt goes with him. Matt meets Pete’s friends in the pub who after the match decide to fight some Birmingham City fans. Although Matt decides to take a train home; he is forced for a fight by Birmingham fans that attack him and experiences Hooliganism in Football.

With an average rating of 7.6 and over $3M gross collection worldwide, Green Street Hooligan is by far best Hooligan movie ever made.

Goal ! The Dream Begins

Santiago-Munez one of the best football movies ever

Santiago-Munez as seen in Goal ! the dream begins, one of the best football movies ever

– Goal, the dream of youngster who has been scouted by former Newcastle united footballer player and provided an opportunity for a trial with Newcastle United. The movie displays how Santiago, the son of a gardener not supported by his father tagging his dream as ‘unreal’.

Santiago has got an opportunity to have trial with Newcastle United, however Santiago’s saving which he thought of buying an air ticket to England has been used by his father to buy a truck for family business, however his grandmother sells off her jewels later to send his grandson to chase his dream.

The movie displays the difficulties of Santiago Munez to establish himself as a star footballer later.

The total gross collection of the movie is more than $27M which makes it best Football movies ever made.

Although there are lots of other good Football movies, the above produced list are five best football movies based on different ranking considerations specified above. Feel free to leave your comment below.

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