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” WORLD CUP IN NEPAL” is a based on a true story, which took place in the South-Asian country Nepal.This movie is totally dedicated to the football fans of Nepal who dreams to see Nepal playing World Cup Match. Above all, the movie has tried to show the passion and dream of a Football player to take part in FIFA World Cup. The movie is this regard has tried to depict the facts that,students or children shouldn’t be punished for  their mischief or dreams. Instead of that, such creative children should be supported by their parents and the nation as well, which in the long term will boost their efficiency.

World Cup in Nepal

World Cup in Nepal

Bipin, the main character, has given much dedication towards football and through football, he has played an instrumental role in making close relationship between a parent and child psychology. This movie depicts the dream of Nepali football lovers to see Nepal playing in the World Cup. This movie has also captured the contemporary issues, challenges and opportunity of Nepali Football. This movie has incorporated the emotions and sentiments of a parent-child relationship to express patriotism through sports (football). This movie is entirely based on child psychology as a result of which it has achieved Special Film Certificate Award, 2013 ” by the Film Develipment Board of Nepal acting under the Government of Nepal. This movie is also selected for 43rd international Indian Film festival. However, this movie is compatible with the people of all age groups, because every Nepali Football fan’s dream is either to play from Nepal for World Cup or at least watch Nepal playing the FIFA WORLD CUP.

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