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Bordeaux Vs Benfica – Europa League Live Stream

Bordeaux would look to compensate their feeble run at Ligue 1with Europa league round of 16 second leg clash.

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The Ligue 1 side has been following through woeful run of form in ligue 1 as the Les Girondins has halted a poor run of form edging out Bastia 1-0. Bordeaux invite Portuguese side Benfica in the second leg of Europa league round of 16 with a hope to overcome 1 goals deficit.

Benfica currently rank top in the Portuguese league table while the French league table holds Bordeaux ninth.

An unfortunate own goal from goalkeeper Cedric Carasso was the only difference between these two sides in the first leg where Bordeaux were back by one goal.

With huge home support, Bordeaux expect to make their spot clear for the quarter finals.



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