Last Moment Strike Sends Merseille in Quarters

Brandao scored in injury time to put Merseille into next round with the away goal advantage, The aggregate score is 2-2.


D.Milito and Pazzini scored goals for Inter but the single goal from visitors was enough to keep Inter at home. D.milito score in 75th minute of the game showed some hope  for home side but the goal from Brandao in injury time kills hope for home side. Similarly last moment penalty from Pazzini was meaningless though it was converted into goal.

Inter Milan attempted more in first half on goal. It was impressive performance from Steve Mandanda who denied various shots from Inter, he blocked Snijder’s shot and Milito’s attempt for goal in impressive manner. The best chance for Merseille in first half came when Azpilicueta cross ball towards Remy but he headed just past the post. In last moment of first half Mandanda saved Snijder’s free kick.

Poli and Stankovic striked over top when second half just started. Julio Cesar was working well to save the easy shots from Mersaille. The first goal of the game came in 75th minute when Milito striked uncleared corner ball from close range. In injury time, error in defense from home side helped Merseille to level the score. Pazzini striked in last shot of the game in penalty which was last shot in the game.

Counting the away goals, Merseille are through to the next round even the aggregate score was equal.