Poor Striking Lash Out Nepal From Competition

Poor finishing and awful fortune drives the hosts out of Competition when Maldives secures 1-0 win against Roberts’ dream team Nepal.

Nepal Maldives AFC Challenge Loss

In consequence of two consecutive losses, host team Nepal is out of AFC challenge cup 2012. Despite of nice performance against Maldives, Nepal had to bear 1-0 loss when the ball strikes the post on the first half and the strikers were not able to provide finishing to some superb chances on the second half.

Nepal had good catch on the first half of the game when they could vividly dominate the visitors but they were not able to utilize any chances. Although Nepal had lot of possessions, they could not create much chances excluding one which hits the bar. The first half ended goalless.

Maldives were able to gain back the possession on the first module of the second half. The ball was distributed among both the team on second half until Mohamad Rasheed (Hockey) scores on the 51’ minute of the game. Later on the match, Nepal struggled a lot to get back to the game but they were unable to score as Nepal missed 2 outstanding chances on 3 minutes of the game out of which first one was when Jumanu Rai missed a clear chance when he hits the deflected ball straight to the Maldives keeper and also a free shot by Santosh shaukhola hits the defender when the Maldives Goalkeeper was still in the ground after an attempt to anticipate the cross. Shortly on the game, Nepal was able to create some minute chances but not able to furnish with good finishing. As a result, additional 6 minutes of the game was not in Nepal’s favor as men on the red jersey were successful to execute their time killing tactics.

Complaints From the Nepalese Fan

As always Strikers were unable to perform well. They could not give good finishing.- ShrishPoudyel(Student).

Shots were not in target and strikers played selfish. – Dipak Shrestha(Student).

Nepal was not able to make nice move on second half. -Suraj phuyal(Football Player(Trained for NRT)).

Luck was not on our favor. -Saugat Dahal (Officer).

Nice game from Nepal, dominated the game but as always small mistake cost the goal. -Saiyam Maharjan(Student).


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