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Top five Derby in the world football

Derby matches has a different values in the world football weather it may be due to geographical, political or historical reasons. Here is listing top five derby of the world football.

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El-Classico-2012-Super-Copa First Leg Nou Camp

1.El Clásico (Spain)

Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona

This is regarded as the most popular rivalry in world football because these are the two largest cities in Spain, and are two of the richest, most successful and influential football clubs in the world. Both of these clubs have never been relegated from the top division and are regarded as the strong title contenders in domestic and inter-continental titles. The political situation in their country adds a bit more spice in this because Real Madrid is viewed as representing Spanish nationalism and Barcelona is viewed as representing Catalanism.

Trophies Won:

Real Madrid:              76

Barcelona:                   79

Head to Head

Total matches:           221

Real Madrid wins:    88

Draws:                           47

Barcelona wins:         86

2.North West Derby (England)

Manchester United vs Liverpool FC

Sharing 119 trophies between them, they are the most successful clubs in England. The rivalry first was started in industrial times when they were fighting for supremacy in North-West.Liverpool dominated English football from 1973 to 1990, winning eleven league championships and four European Cups. Likewise, Manchester United have dominated English football since 1993, winning twelve league championships and two European Cups. This adds a bit of spice in fans as well as media before the derby gets off.


Manchester United:           60

Liverpool:                              59

Head to Head

Manchester United wins  73

Draws                                       51

Liverpool wins                     62

Total matches                       186

 3.Derby dellaMadonnina (Italy)

AC Milan vs Internazionale (Inter Milan)

This is regarded as the most popular derby in Italy. They both are from the same city and also share the same stadium called SAN SIRO. They are also two of the most successful clubs in Italy in Domestic as well as European tournaments.


AC Milan:                        47

Inter Milan:                   39

Head to Head

Total Matches:             293

Internazionale wins: 105

Draws:                              77

AC Milan wins:              111

4.KıtalarArasıDerbi (Turkey)

Fenerbahçe SK and Galatasaray SK

This is regarded as the fiercestrivalry in world football not only because of their club records but also fan behavior. There have been incidents of fights between fans off the pitch and even the payers on the pitch. The fans are hard to control here as it has created many violent incidents in recent years. It is said that Galatasaray has35% and Fenerbahce has 34% fans in Turkey. Trophies:

Fenerbajce SK:    31

Galatasaray SK:   46

Head to Head:

Total Games:         372

FSK wins:                141

Draws:                      113

GSK wins:                118

5.Superclásico (Argentina)

Boca Juniors vs River Plate

These local and most successful clubs in Argentina have accumulated more than 70% of fans in the country between them where Boca edges the stats with 41% to that of River Plates’ 32%. These teams played every matches of Argentina’s premier division until June26, 2011 because of the relegation of River Plate. There have been some incident off the pitch as well where many fans have lost their lives and the atmosphere in the stadium during the derby is dangerous as many violence had been caused earlier.

Head to Head

Matches Played:       338

Boca Juniors wins:  126

Draws:                           105

River Plate wins:       107

Jonty Kaplan is a South African sports fanatic who blogs primarily on English Premier League football as well as Youwin rugby odds and Golf betting news.


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