Rijkaard: Spain deservedly beat us

Former Barcelona and recent Saudi Arabia boss Frank Rijkaard believes Spain is best team in the world and 5-0 victory over his team was deserving last night.

Spain defeated Saudi Arabia 5-0 in friendly match last night after Pedro, Cazorla, Villa and Xavi came to the score board. The boss of the loosing team Frank Rijkaard praised the current national team of the Spain as the greatest he have ever seen.

Talking with the reporters after the 12 hours of the match Dutchman said.” This Spanish team has been impressing the entire footballing world. I have never seen a national team play as well as Spain, Spain deservedly beat us. They created so many chances. We already knew it would be very difficult, though. We locked horns with the best team in the world and this is a correct result.”

Rijkaard also praised Barcelona and Spain midfield duo Xavi and Iniesta saying.” Xavi and Iniesta are among the best players in the world. They can be decisive in any team they play for.”