What should be done to make Ronaldo happy?

It is hard to believe how much the story of Ronaldo blew out of proportion media made it a bigger story then anything else in world football.

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Cristiano Ronaldo shouldn’t have talked about his problems with Blancos management on TV and make other critics talk about them, The things like Ronaldo wants to leave Madrid won’t have come.

Now the things that can make Ronaldo happy in the capital club are:
1. New contract with good reasonable increase since he is one in the world and helped us to win all last 3 trophies and take tax into good consideration.

2. More support from management and the fans, they shouldnt boo him for one or two bad performances after all he is doing everything he can to win the, trophies, He scored 150 goals in three years, He became 10th all time top scorer in 3 years the fastest in Madrid history, He scored against every rival we played against, He was the reason behind beating barca last year in Copa, League and Super not to mention Champions League semi final where he also scored 2 goals against bayern but didnt have the chance to shoot a penalty. He is making tons of money for the club in marketing and PR and he is the face of Madrid with simply brilliant stats.

3. Backing Ronaldo to win the Ballon d’Or although Casillas had a good season too but Ronaldo made special for Madrid being a big game player and a number of goals he scored through out the season.

4.Madrid could have considered giving him a day off on his father anniversary it wont be the end of the world He played every single game for them last 2 years one game off shouldn’t be an issue and we have quality to win without him.

5. A point in general we all know CR7 is abit sensitive and needs pampering more than other players and he is one of the best so why not just give a bit more attention to him no harm in it only good things will happen to them.

The above points are listed from the views of various fans around the globe which would help to make Ronaldo happy.