Mexico Snatch Olympic Gold Defeating Brazil in Final

Despite of Dos Santos’ absence in the squad, Mexico enjoys the lead from the first minute of the game to win the gold at London 2012.

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Mexico Win Men Olympic Football

Image Source: gettyimage/Julien Finney

Mexico delivered exceptional football to prove that they could be next powerhouse in Football as they destroyed Brazil’s hope to win their first ever gold in Olympics. Starting from very first minute of the game to the end of the match, Mexico delivered beautiful game to secure gold in Mens Football.

Peralta provided the winning side one goal in each half of the game after he started from the first minute of the game.  Mexico got hand in the first goal in the match just in the 29 second of the match making it the quickest one in the Olympic history. The lead was then doubled in the second half when it was Peralta again who scored in the second half 75′

Brazil despite of chasing the lead throughout the game, they never got to label the lead as with two goals behind, they came up with a goal when Hulk scored in the stoppage time to decrease the margin. The final whistle blew just after Oscar missed valuable header which could have carved out the game into the Extra time.