Mexico Vs Japan: Olympic Preview and Prediction Line Up and Formation

As many fans awaits the moment when Japan meets Mexico, everyone has a question in their mind if Mexico are able to hold the offense Japan has possessed throughout the tournament.

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Japan Plays Mexico On Olympics Semi Finals U-23

Japan has been showing its best from the start of the pursuit as the Asian has not conceded even a single goal. With three wins and 1 draw in the tournament, they can stay with their offense in the semifinals against Mexico.

Mexico on the other hand has similar winning record as Japan does in their path to the semi finals. They have won 2 games and drawn one against South Korea in the group stage.

It will be an interesting tournament when these two teams will come with U23 players including 3 over aged players in each squad.

Last 5 Matches

Both Japan and Mexico looks similar as we compare the winning rates. They won 4 out their 5 matches and played draw in a match. Japan looks stronger in the defense as they recorded clean sheets in all their last 5 matches letting no ball pass through their defensive area to the post while Mexico conceded three goals in their previous 5 matches.


While these two teams enter the field, our analyst anticipate high scores from both teams and expect an offensive match to take place. Japan entered the semis scoring 3 goals to nil while Mexico secured 4-2 victory against Senegal. This reflects scoring ability of both the teams.

Mexico 2-3 Japan

Line Up and Formation

Since Japan has been successful on their lineup, we predict they will come with similar Line up an formation while being aware of Japanese quality offense, Mexico can load the starting 11 with defense. They might come up with slightly defensive attack as they are capable to attack as well.