Mourinho leaves Sahin to decice his future

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho leaves Sahin to decice his future on his own as he reveals Sahin is free to stay or to leave.

Sahin Arsenal Talk

23 years old midfielder was a vital part on Borussia Dortmund’s squad which won the Bundesliga title but after his enrollment at Madrid last summer, he has not been able to appear for more than 4 times.

It is believed that the Turkish international might be in same figure this season and Mourinho lets himself to be responsible to decide his future. Mourinho believes that he is a young boy who wants to play each match, but it is difficult at Madrid as he believes that Real Madrid is not an easy club. Since Sahin at his fresh stage of career might not want to stay in this way, Mourinho makes him easy to decide his future.

“If he stays, he’s not a problem for me. He’s one more solution. We are leaving the situation in his hands. Decide what you want to decide, to be happy. If you decide to leave we’re going to help you to leave. If you decide to stay, we’re going to support you.”, is what Mourinho says about Sahin.

Sahin has repeatedly been tracked by Gunners and his move to English Premier league would not cause any negative train with current Real boss Jose Mourinho.