Balotelli Had Fine Attitude at the age of 15

Mario Balotelli who always wants to stay within controversies had very good attitude at the age of 15 as reported by Barca Youth Coach Fran Sanchez.


Balotelli Playing For Lumezzane as a youth

Mario Balotelli’s personal life has been more¬†dramatic than his performances on the pitch. He is famous for his attitude which some people take affirming while someone finds it dissenting, but it would not be a problem for the 21 years old Italian Striker whom controversies has never been a real problem.

This might be his present days but it was different while he was 15. Barca youth coach Fran Sanchez told that the Italian man joined few training season with Barca while he was 15, before he committed himself to Inter Milan.

“He seemed a quiet boy, spoke little, also the language barrier, but he was very well behaved at all times. His attitude was good.”, is what Sanchez told the Sport.