Hard To Believe: World’s Longest Soccer Game was Played for 36 hours

It may be hard to believe but the real fact is that, the world’s longest Soccer match has been played for 36 hours which produced more than 500 goals.

World's Longest Soccer Game

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According to Ripley’s Believe it or Not, ┬áthe world’s longest soccer match was played between Leeds Badgers and Bristol Academy back in April 2009. The epic match ended on Leeds Badgers side after they won by 30 goals, the final score claimed to be Leeds Badgers 285-255 Bristol Academy. The match was hosted in Bristol, England while the two teams played the game for charity.

The match lasted for 36 hours beating previous record which was made playing 32 long hours.

Striker Adam McPhee from Leeds Badgers bagged 75 goals and collected the honor of the golden boot.