How Important is Joe Allen For Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC are currently on negotiation with Swansea for Joe Allen and if they want a stronger midfield, they must hold their position to acquire the 22 years old midfielder.

Joe Allen Swansea

Liverpool FC has been chasing the 22 years old Welsh Man who might provide great value to the team. A plus point, Allen has already worked with Rodgers at Swansea and he has gained Liverpool FC new boss’ trust. Rodgers need not study Allen before he adds him in the squad as he is familiar with the Welsh man.

Since from the departure of Xabi Alonso, Liverpool has been suffering lag in the midfield resulting unexpected outcomes in the league matches as the reds has never made it up to the Champions League after his departure, neither they have been able to finish at the top five. In an addition to this, departure of Dirk Kuyt and Maxi Rodriguez had subtracted some names from the mid region of the ground. So Liverpool must spend something in the midfield this summer transfer season and it would be lot better if it was Joe Allen, but why??

Joe Allen was a part of Swansea youth set-up since he was nine. He started his senior career with Swansea after he signed contract back in 2007. Since then he has been man of match in many crucial game for Swansea. Allen as a young midfielder has been able to collect a long list of good performances. He is an specialist at the midfield as he controls the midfield and release other players into space. Allen is well known for his pace, control, accurate passing and clear vision added by an attacking ability which altogether helped him to gather four goals and two assists including numerous passes in Premier league last season.

Having all the ability of a great footballer, he has an ample amount of time left in his footballing career. A youngster with such talent can always add great value for his club.

Swansea, who just got promoted to the English Premier league has stood at the middle of league table with the help of midfield, Allen is a part of while the reason for Liverpool’s failure from last season is due to poor midfield. Although Liverpool might have added Borini in their list but they could not do well if they are not able to hold the ball at the mid. Although Lucas’s return to squad provides great value to the midfield, Allen could be another responsible man who might take Liverpool to the success they are seeking for last 3 years.

So without any delay, Liverpool should bring Allen into conclusion and get ready to utilize his young talent in their upcoming run.