GOAL-LINE TECHNOLOGY: A boon for the game?

On 5th July, 2012 International FA Board (IFAB) made the historic decision by approving the use of goal-line technology as a part of laws of football.  The goal-line technology will be used for the first time during The Club World Cup in Japan in December. But is the use of technology good for the beautiful game? The use of GLT has received mixed reviews from the fans and players all over the world.

Goal Line

Ever since football has been played, the game is controlled by the referees. The referees have the final verdict on any incident taking place during the game. During these time many decision especially regarding ‘goal’ has been controversial at times. The controversy about whether the ball crossing the line or not evolved during the final of 1966 world cup played between England and West Germany. The ball kicked by Geoff Hurst of England hit the underside of the post. The referee could not decide whether the ball crossed the line but the linesman declared it a goal. England went on to win the final and became world champion. Had not the goal been given, the history would have been other way around. Another recent controversy aroused during quarterfinal match of 2010 world cup played between the same teams. The ball hit by Frank Lampard of England struck the underside of the post and cleared the goal line. But the goal was not given. England was trailing 2-1 at the moment and lost the match 4-1. Several cases of “goal that should have been” has happened most recent being the one in Euro 2012 when John Terry cleared the ball from Ukrainian Marko Devic which crossed the goal line. The goal was not given and England won the tie 1-0.

Human errors are the part of the game which makes the game more exciting. But to mitigate the wrong decision, the GLT has been introduced. But UEFA President Michel Platini is against the use of technology in football. UEFA tried experimenting by putting two additional referees on the far side of the field to take decision regarding ball crossing the line. The experiment has not been effective but still UEFA won’t be using GLT even though available. Some FAs of Europe will be using GLT in their leagues and tournaments.  GLT will help referees by informing them whether the ball crossed the line or not by sending electronic message to a special watch worn by them in less than a second. But still the final decision will be of the referee to give goal or not. Goal-line Technology will not be used to show television replays and other decision like offside, Handling of the ball, Fouls will still be given by the match officials.

How effective will the Goal-line Technology be is still to be seen. It will be very helpful for the referees and supporters from around the globe will be hoping that the technology will help in upgrading the value of ‘The Beautiful Game’.