Welbeck wants 400% wage increase

21 year old England International striker Danny Welbeck wants huge increment in his wage after having a delightful season scoring twelve  goals.

danny welback

Danny Welbeck has only one year remaining in his contract after signing five years contract when he was promoted to senior squad. His previous wage believed to be in the range of £16000 per week. Webeck is currently demanding around £60000 per week.

Last season Welbeck was played regular by manager overlapping Hernandez and Bebratov. Welbeck scored 12 goals in 40 appearances and he believes he is right to demand a high pay rise.

If Manchester United accepts the same pay rise he will be the highest earner among his ranks. Cleverely, Smalling and Jones wage rate is in the range of  £40000 per week.

Welbeck was recently featured in all four matches played by England in the euro 2012. He scored a winner against Sweden.