Messi the Chosen one For Brazilian Ronaldo

The Messi-Ronaldo comparison has never become raw as there are many people who keep comparing these two. This time it is ‘the legend’ Ronaldo who believes Messi is better than the Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

Brazil Striker Ronaldo

The 35 years old striker believes that there is no doubt in the greatness of these two players while he chooses Messi as the better one for him. The retired Brazilian international who has played both for Barcelona and Real Madrid insists that he is more a fan of Real Madrid but praised Messi for his good work.

The Brazilian also insisted that he adored Spain’s performance in the Euro cup 2012,

“Football has been changing. I think Spain did a great job without a No.9. I know Del Bosque very well. I had him as a coach at Real Madrid, and he always played me as a pure No.9.

It depends on each game, the opponent and much more [as to what formation you play]. I think the No.9 will always exist and will continue to figure in the game.”

Ronaldo who has represented Barcelona from 1996-97 also had a 5 years long career at Madrid but still he believes that the Barca man Messi is much more better than Real Madrid and Portuguese Winger Cristiano Ronaldo.