The ‘Van Persie dilemma’

Arsenal Skipper Robin Van Persie’s future remains uncertain as there is no conclusion that could be drawn from current situation Arsenal has been going on through.

Robin Van Persie on 2012

Arsenal striker Rovin Van Persie who has repeatedly been a part of headline due to some transfer rumors might himself not drawn any conclusion of his future at the Emirates stadium.

After a successful season at Arsenal, Robin van Persie has repeatedly been linked to the rumors about his exit from the Gunners. It was Juventus who wanted him earlier and now its Manchester City who has been chasing the 28 years old superstar. Since Manchetsr City has snatched quite a lot power from Arsenal, there is no doubt that the fear haunts the fans for the Dutch international Striker.

Some 30 days ago, Arsenal Left back Andres Santos expressed his fear about Van Persie. He insisted that Van Persie’s 8 year long career has been outstanding and no doubt he has attracted many attentions towards him. Premier league season 2011-2012 has been the best season for the Dutchman as he claimed the highest goal scoring title. This might have gained lots of attention on him. There might be only few who would not like him in their side. So even a small hope to get him on the teams, one can pay for it.

The Arsenal Chairman Hill Wood and Wenger had previously revealed that they can accept big offers even from a Rival club if Van Persie does not want to commit his future at London but they have now decorated their word as both the Arsenal Chairman and Manager pointed Van Perise’s need in the club through their words. Wenger described his word on a Eurosport blog,

“We want to keep Robin van Persie at all costs, because we depend on him offensively.

I have always supported him even in the hardest times, and I hope he will end his career at Arsenal.”

Although they give some hint to keep the striker home, might that be some tactic to get more of him as it is obvious that someone who has wanted him desperately could spend more to somersault Arsenal’s desire to keep him. Eventually Giroud and Podolski signing could reflect Arsenal’s undisclosed plan to slap Persie with a price tag.

Assuming Van Persie’s stay, Wenger will face quite a challenging managerial task to swap between three world class strikers he has on his hands. So we can assume that he might have some strategical plans for Arsenal Skipper. So if you doubt on Van Persie’s move away from London, you need to think twice now.

It is football and everything is possible. Let us Know what you think in the comments below.