European Champions still lead while Brazil out of Top Ten

The world cup winners and champions in Euro remain in top position of latest FIFA ranking according to while Germany took away second place from Uruguay who slide down one position. Only Argentina are stick in same position in top ten from last FIFA ranking.

Euro Cup 2012 Champions

In new FIFA ranking Spain leads in Europe with top position in world too.There are 8 countries from Europe in top 10. Uruguay tops the chart from South America. They are fallowed by Argentina who are also in top 10 list. Brazil are out from Top Ten ranking for the first time in last 20 years. Top African nation is Cote D’Ivoire who are in 16th place through out the world. Mexico tops the chart from North America with 19th position and Japan leads Asian section with 20th position in FIFA ranking . Nepal still ranks top in the South Asian region with 155 rank.

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Top Ten list in FIFA ranking are:

1. Spain

2. Germany

3. Uruguay

4. England

5. Portugal

6. Italy

7. Argentina

8. Netherlands

9. Croatia

10. Denmark