Neuer: We did not get close enough to the Italians

German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer showed his disappointment in the press conference after the match as his side allow Italy two easy goals which sent them back home from the semifinal of the Euro 2012.

Manuel Neuer Germany

Mario Balotelli scored two easy goals to  send Germany back home from the tournament. German goalkeeper Neuer believes they made it too easy for Italians. Neuer told his mates were too disappointed exit and claims it was early for Germany.

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 Talking with TZ after a day of the match Bayern’s shot stopper said.” We are all very disappointed, There is a certain emptiness in all of us, we cannot believe it. When you reflect on the tournament and compare us with Italy, we played the better football, but unfortunately, not in the first half. Accordingly, they are now in the final. I cannot describe what is going on inside me.”

Neuer added.” We wanted to close the central areas because we knew that Pirlo, De Rossi and Montolivo are very good passers. I believe that we did not get close enough to the Italians. They had it too easy and you can see that. In the situations where we had to be there, we were not there. And so we fell behind.”