Casillas: We are still making history

Spain is dominating the world football from last four years and their captain fantastic is leading players by standing in the post. Casillas saved a penalty in Semifinal of the Euro Cup against Portugal which helps in securing them place in the final.

Iker Casillas Spain

Spain keeper Casillas believes that they are leading the current international football in unique way in recent four years. They won Euro championship in 2008 and they have never look back after that. Casillas will be listed in one f the top captains in the international football record book. He is confident to make another history by winning the Euros. No country has successfully defended their European champions title till now.

Spain beat Portugal 4-2 in Penalty shootout after Casillas saved Moutinho’s spot kick and Alves hit the cross bar.

Casillas told to Telecinco.“ I was very quiet, or so it seemed to me, Penalties are a lottery. I had the intuition in that penalty for Portugal and I stopped it, which was the best we could get.”

Ronaldo didn’t shoot in the penalty shoot out. talking about Ronaldo.” He always shoots well in penalties. It was a decision from Portugal that he didn’t shoot.”

Casillas also hailed Ramos penalty kick.” Well, you really need guts to shoot on Panenka’s style. Ramos has showed male attributes here, and the courage he got.”

Talking about the match and the excitement Casillas said.” We were tired in the game, and that counts. Now we have another day to rest, and let’s see what happen in the final.” He added.” We’ve made history, already. We are still making it. We hope people remember that forever. Because it is unique what we are achieving.”