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Spain Enters Final Breaking Portugal on Penalties

Final Score Spain 0 (4-2) 0 Portugal

Spain could make new European record as they can be the only team to successfully defend the European title as a result of their entrance to the Euro cup 2012 Finals beating Portugal on tie breaking penalties.

Spain Win against Portugal Semi Finals Euro Cup 2012

Fabregas ends the suspense as his decider in penalty shootout sends Spain to final of the European championship as they beat Portugal in the first Semi Finals. The game was directed to penalty shootout after 90 minutes of play followed by another 30 minutes of extra time which were both ended goal less.

Portugal looked well settled in the early minutes as they were able to have good control in the ball. The first 5 minutes was well controlled by Portugal but the contest then turned equal till the end and finally traveled to penalty shoot out as these teams could not show distinction between them.

Both the team created some chances in the 2 hours game but no one was able to score. Cristiano Ronaldo was threat to Spainard defense as he was difficult to control with his run, additionally all his free kicks went just some inches away from the target.

Spain was also able to create some chances but they missed more seriously than Portugal. It was Iniesta’s miss when Alba’s cross to him was out of this world but the Catalan midfielder was only able to strike which could not beat Patricio. Spain also created some chances in the extra time one of which includes Fabregas’ run. Fabregas was intercepted from defense who came running from long way back to Fabregas who had only keeper to beat.

The contest remained much more competitive as it could be seen from foul statistics. Portugal committed 32 foul against Spain who made 20 rough attack while there were 9 yellow card in the game, 5 shown to the Portuguese.

Penalty Shoot Out

1.Xabi Alonso takes first penalty. He striked left to the keeper and was saved. Spain 0-0 Portugal.

2.Casillas saved Moutinho. Fine save to snatch away advantage from Portugal.

3.Iniesta Scores left to keeper. Spain 1-0 Portugal.

4.Pepe Scored. Casillas judged well but could not save. Spain 1-1 Portugal

5.Pique Scored although the keeper almost got hand to it.. Spain 2-1 Portugal

6.Nani Scored.  Right into top of the net. Spain 2-2 Portugal

7.Sergio Ramos scored with a chip, few days ago Pirlo striked similar. Spain 3-2 Portugal

8.Alves Hits the right bar which made Spain only one penalty win behind the place to final. Spain 3-2 Portugal..

9.Fabregas Finished it as his shot stroked the post and luckily got in.  Spain entered the finals.. Spain 4-2 Portugal


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