Euro Cup 2012: Battle For Golden Boot

The European championship 2012 comes to an end on July 1 almost after one month long action. There were dozens of players who displayed brilliant performance throughout the tournament, some of them already done with the tournament after being knocked out while some of them are still fighting for their nation’s pride. The battle is not only live for the cup, but the cold war exists shoulder to shoulder for the Golden boot title.

Adidas Golden Boot Euro 2012

Who Will win the Golden Boot?

This question still remains unanswered , neither it suggests any hint in the battle as no player has been able to lead the chart by huge difference. The topmost position is still shared by four players Mario Mandzukic from Croatia, Portuguese man Cristiano Ronaldo, Russian Alan Dzagoev and German striker Mario Gomez as they all netted three times in the tournament. Although they share the position, the chance remains higher for Portuguese and German striker as they remain alive in the tournament.

The advantage laze on the semifinalist Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy, although some tiny hope exists for Mandzukic and Dzagoev who can share the title only if the active players in the tournament do not cross the sum of 3 goals. The Irony remains behind as they can do nothing to increase their lead.

Country wise Analysis

Portugal: It is Cristiano Ronaldo who has higher chances for adding one more honor to his name as he has been extraordinary through out the tournament. Although many football analyzers complain that he has not been at his best, this man is still capable of scoring numerous goals ahead in the competition. In the other hand, Portugal players Pepe, Postiga and Verella stands in the queue with one goals each in their name.

Germany: Mario Gomez is another sensational nominee for the Adidas golden boot as he shares the top spot with 3 goals. Gomez is a strong contender for the title following his brilliant form on Bundesliga 2011/2012 season scoring 26 goals for Bayern Munich to secure runner up spot in highest goal scorer. In the same way, Bender, Khedira, Klose, Lahm, Podolski and Reus all scored one goals each for Germany.

Spain: It was Spaniard who conquered the golden boot title last time back in Euro 2006 when David villa scored 4 goals for Spain in their winning campaign. Although David Villa is not included in the squad as he was not able to heal for the tournament from his broken legs, the probability remains awoken for Spain as they stand unbeaten in the tournament and more players are top in the list as Fabregas, Torres and Xabi Alonso all scored 2 goals for their nation in the tournament while Navas and David silva scored one goal each for the country.

Italy: Italian players have been trailing back in the list . Its Balotelli, Pirlo, Natale, Cassano who scored once in the tournament for Italy while Pirlo and Balotelli look in proper form.

The battle for the Adidas golden boot remains narrow and the mystery lies unsolved. It can only be figured out in the last day of the tournament as the competition remains open to everyone since the lead is not by much. The only choice now is to wait and watch till the end of the dispute.