Pedro: We know how to stop Cristiano

Ronaldo has already scored three goal in the tournament more then any Spain player but Barcelona attacker in confident that they can handle Cristiano Ronaldo well. 

Pedro Barcelona Spain

Spain is playing Portugal in the Semis of the euro cup and major problem for Spain could be the form of the Cristiano he showed in Spain last two years and in last two games of the Euro Cup. Ronaldo has scored three goals in last two games after being criticized for under performing in last two matches.

Spain international Pedro has shown confidence that they can handle Cristiano Ronaldo well as Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid and they have already played in opposition wearing a Barcelona Jersey. Spain has two regular defenders from the Real Madrid who trains with Ronaldo Everyday and Pedro is sure they will have a measure over him.

In interview with Pedro told.”Cristiano is a fantastic player who’s in great form and that must be taken into account. But I think we know how to neutralise him, so let’s wait and see what happens, we are very confident but it will be difficult. We are virtually the same players as in the past, we are confident, playing well, and I think in that sense this team is as good as in the last Euro or World Cup”