Cristiano Ronaldo: Its hard to please every critics

In recent weeks after performing below expectations in the group stage of the Euro cup Ronaldo has been a target of Critics and Media around the world but the star has strongly replied no one is safe from the critics and described who is big they are criticized  more. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has been targeted by Media and Critics after failing to perform same as with the Real Madrid in Spanish Liga. He performed below his average with Denmark and Germany but strike both Goals against Netherlands in the do or die match of the group stage and scored a only goal of the match against Czech Republic in the Quarter Final of the Tournament. Now Portugal will face Spain the semis and Ronaldo should perform out of the world to defeat the current world champion and tournament defenders to silent the critics. Fallowing his criticism Ronaldo  told to reporters even Messi is criticized.

Talking to the reporters Ronaldo Said.” Even Messi has his critics. You can’t please everyone. But I don’t get angry or frustrated by it, The bigger star you become, the greater pressure there is on you to perform at a level acceptable to get people off your back.”

Ronaldo added.” I accept it as a part of being a professional footballer. It takes a bigger man to ignore it and just get on with playing. I don’t have an agenda where I set out to appease critics. I just go out and play to the best of my ability.”

Ronaldo believes they are performing really well in the tournament and can go ahead. He said to reporters no matter where they end but team Portugal should be congratulated.