Why Italy and England are Both Unlucky on Penalties

Italy and England both are meeting at the last quarter finals of the European Continential Championship 2012. They both have one thing in commen which is their luck on Penalty shoot out.

Carragher Penalty England

Carragher's Penalty Saved by Ricardo: England Vs Portugal: WC 2006 Semi Final

Italy and England are both proven unlucky from the past if we consider penalty shoot out results they took part on. Italy has only once been proven lucky which was easy enough to forget all other hard time. They won to France to capture the World Cup 2006 title otherwise they have always been unlucky on a tie breakers.

Italy has won 2 out of their 7 penalty matches combined in World cup and continential finals making the win 29%. Although their win against France proves they are not too unlucky but the history can not be ignored. Italy has lost in the Semifinals against Argentina in 1990, final against Brazil in 1994 and quarter final against France in 1998 in the World cup matches while their loss in Euro cup includes in the third position match back in 1980 against Czechoslovakia when they lost 9-8 in penalties.

England would look to avoid penalty even more than Italy as they have more bitter result. They have just won 1 match out of 6 making the win 17% altogether in their world cup and European cup matches. They have suffered 3 defeats in World cup and has never bagged any win in the tie breakers in world cup championship while they won single match out of 3 in European championship. The fact also reveals that England has lost two times against Portugal in penalties while their 2004 European championship and 2006 world cup quarter finals has been ruined by their defeat.

Italy has recently lost to Spain in 2008 Euro cup quarter finals while England won to Spain in 1996 quarter finals.

This proves both the teams are almost  equally unlucky on penalties.