Khedira: Our balance between defending and attacking has become better

Young defensive midfielder has shown confidence in him national team mate and Real Madrid team mate Mesut Ozil. He has praised partner  Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ozil in interview with UEFA Official website. 

Mesut Ozil is performing below expectations in this continental Tournament. Attacking midfielder yet hasn’t found his Club level and world cup 2010′s form with national team but Sami Khedira has shown his full support towards his club and national team mate. Khedira also praise his midfield partner Bastian Schweinsteiger. This duo has made the defensive part strong with the links between both front and back.

Talking about partnership with Bastian Khedira said.”In 2010, we played only one game together before the World Cup. Since then, two years have gone by and we have played many matches together, We know our respective virtues and to enable the other to capitalise on theirs you yourself take a step back, I believe our balance between defending and attacking has become even better and that has probably made us stronger as well.”

Talking about Mesut Ozil Khedira added.” Mesut has taken another step in the past one or two years. We players value him, he works a lot for the team. Now he knows how to create space by running, His genius moments will come, simply because he has the quality for that to happen.”