Robben: You have to put egos aside to accomplish something together

Netherlands haven’t gain a point till their last match in their Group Stage and Star winger has pointed out big egos as a reason of poor performance of the team.  

robben netherlands

Arjen Robben has stated Big Egos in the dressing room is affecting in the game of Holland in the euro cup campaign. Oranges have to win the match against Portugal and hope for the loss of the Denmark against Germany which will lead them to Knock out stages as a runner up of Group B which is also called group of death and face Czech Republic who is winners of Group A.

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In Robben’s recent interview he has introduced egos as a problem. Here we have his words in interview which he gave to KNVB official site :

 ”It’s very difficult for us in this group, because they are just too many big egos. After the World Cup they may have become even bigger. That makes it hard for us,”

“If you want to accomplish something together, you have to put egos aside. You have to fight as a team to regain that sense of invincibility. It won’t come by itself. I assume that the Germans will win. Several guys have told me so. Now it’s important to put negative thoughts aside and fight for our last chance together.”

“When you are out of the starting XI, you are allowed to be angry and you can be angry. That is normal. As far is I’m concerned, you can talk to the manager, individually, But when the game begins, you have to stick with the team. When there are still players that don’t join that spirit, it’s disturbing. You have to accept it or go home.”