Gerrard Praises his Teammate Carroll

Steven Gerrard praises his team mate for adding first half lead in the game and warned his teammates about the defensive lag.

Gerrard For England

England Captain

England and Liverpool captain praised his teammate Andy Carroll for his goal against Sweden which gave the Three lions first break in the game. ¬†Carroll was introduced in the starting XI against Sweden and his header found the net in 23′ of the game on a fine long pass from his captain Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard praised Carroll for converting the pass into a superb header which helped England to start up the scoreboard in the first half. He said that Carroll is someone who can be trusted and added ” If you give him good service, he’ll give you goals.”

Captain fantastic not only praised Carroll but also showed concern about the English defense. Gerrard said that it was important to defense when they got the lead and they should have stayed still to save any goals but he also added that the 3 points they got at the end will build up confidence.

Not only this, Gerrard also welcomed Wayne Rooney after his two match suspension and said that Rooney’s inclusion might add up some difference.

England ruled over Sweden to send them back home on a 3-2 win.