Netherlands can still Qualify: Dipesh Timalsina

Netherlands were defeated in their first two matches in the group stage which made their path to the knock out stage difficult. The chanting of many Football fans say that there is only a bit hope for qualifications but Dipesh Timalsina thinks it in a different way.

Netherlands Football Team

Netherlands suffered two loss in a row in their first two matches in the group stage which makes their qualification to further stage in the tournament difficult. Many Football lovers think that Netherlands who ranks last in the group stage has now no chance to qualify further but Dipesh Timalsina think it other way.

First to introduce, Dipesh Timalsina is senior Writer and Editor at and has been involved in Many Footballing activities. He is one of the founder of

According to him, Netherlands still has great chance to qualify further which might be behind someone’s expectation. He says “This is group of death and anything can happen. Germany already won two matches but they still have chance not to qualify for the knock out stage”. He elloborates it clearly. Check the Group points table to understand the situation.

Group B

Country Played Won Lost Draw GD Points
Germany  2  2  0  0  2  6
Portugal  2  1  1  0  0  3
Denmark  2  1  1  0  0  3
Netherlands  2  0  2  0 -2  0

Final Group B Matches: Netherlands Vs Portugal and Germany Vs Denmark.

Denmark and Portugal has won two matches and have three points individually while the group leaders Germany has won two matches and are leading with 6 points in their hand. Similarly Netherlands are last with 2 games lost. They lost to Germany and Denmark and are pointless but still have chance to qualify and the chance is above everyone’s expectation. If they win against Portugal and Germany wins Denmark, they will have chance to qualify. The circumstances suggests that they need to win it by two goals difference. They are two goals below Denmark and Portugal who are neither leading nor trailing in goal difference. So if they win at least by two goals, they will have no goal difference and if Denmark and Portugal both get defeated, Netherlands will get qualified as their goal difference decreases to negative. Although Netherlands will try to win it at larger difference, they will have to depend on Germany’s performance.

In the other hand, Germany still has chance of not getting qualified while the chance is minimum considering their recent form. If Germany gets defeated to Denmark and Portugal wins Holland, Germany’s fortune will be depending on goal difference. As this is group of death and hence nothing is predictable.