Alexander Song Attacked by Tempered Fans

Arsenal midfielder Alex Song was attacked by a group of young displeased people during his return from a Training season.

The eyewitnesses could reveal that the 24 years Cameroon International has been accused by a group of people while his return from a training season. It was revealed that most of the accusers were young boys. It is believed that the circumstance was created after Cameroon’s 2-1 defeat to Libya in the World cup qualifier match on which the Arsenal midfield barely touched the ball perfectly.

The police has confirmed that the investigation has been launched and culprits will be soon identified and brought to the justice.

Cameroon lie third in the Group I from Africa for the World Cup qualifiers with just single win in their two games. They lie beneath Congo and Libya after a single win against Togo. They are with 3 points and conceded 2 and scored two goals while Libya in the top won a match and drawn one against Togo.

Cameroon already appeared 6 times in the world cup and their path to the Quarter Finals was the best one they could ever perform on a world cup match.