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Chelsea vs Napoli : Match report and highlight 2-22-12

The South American Strikers helped Napoli to win the 1st leg against Chelsea. Napoli come back from a goal down and made it 1-3. Both team showed the defensive errors.



Juan Mata scored the opening goal in 27th minute after Cannavaro made a mistake and let him pass him for a easy goal. But the man who was in brilliant form Lavezzi hit on the edge of the post to level the score after the 11minutes of the Mata’s goal. The defensive miskate from Luiz let in the 2nd goal for home side , Cavani hit the ball with shoulder to take a lead in 45th minute of a match.

Napoli scored 3rd in 65th minute. It was again Lavezzi  who didn’t miss the open post to score. He beat Meireles to hit on the button edge again. Sturridge cannot utilize the ball inside a box after 7minutes of Mata’s goal. Right after 1st goal of Napoli , Ramires hits way of the target. In first half Chelsea hold more position of ball. Right after the half time Lavezzi missed a target. Chelsea missed many chances Malouda hit the bad volley . Cole saved Chelsea from 4th goal he interrupt the pass from Hamsik to Maggio.

Andre Villas-Boas , dropped Torres , Lampard . Captain Terry went for a next surgery. Napoli will be in Stamford with home advantage of 2 goal. Chelsea will need to improve to clinch the promotion to the next round. Next leg will be played in Stamford Bridge in 7th March.


Napoli vs Chelsea 3:1 GOAL HIGHLIGHTS by mostravae0



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