Denmark Able to Defend the Lead to Gain First Three Points

Denmark were able to defend miraculously to keep their 1-0 lead through out the game to get first 3 points in the group table.

Denmark wins Holland

Dutch started to build pressure right from the start of the game when 18 years old Willemsll tried a long range shot which sailed just over the top bar. Van persie also tried a shot on goal few minutes later which was not well targetted.

First free kick was awarded to Danish team but they were not able to utilize the kick as the ball was directly obstructed by the wall.

Netherlands continued to make some effort on the goal but Danish defender showed really an inspirational performance being able to save every single threat that could have caused some serious damage.

First goal  of the game came from Danish side.Denmark who barely were able to get to the opponent box finds first goal of the match when Dehli was able to place the shot between keeper’s leg. Dehli was able to collect cross from winger Simon Busk Poulsen and convert it into score.

The goal on the game changed the pattern of the game which was being played.Netherlands tried to chase the lead and created some unsuccessfull chances until a remarkable chance was missed when Robben hits the cross bar. Goal Keeper gives the ball away to Robben who tries a shot and finds the bar not being able to score. Just few minutes leter,  Afellay created a great run beating some defender but the Barca midfielder finds the  target just off by few inches.

Firsr half ended goalless to Netherlands when Van Persie was unable to finish great ball even though he was left unmaked.

Second half started in similar fashion with Dutch dominating but they were not able to find goal scoring position.

Van Persie did not had a good day. He got a superb chance once again but does a silly miss. He was not able to connect to a through ball after he slips on an attempt to make a shot. Netherlands made lots of efforts, some on target but were not lucky enough to level the lead.

The game executed like a see-saw when both the teams dominates other one by one. No team finds a break through in the second half of the game. Dutch misses the best chance of the game when Huntelaar was not able to score a great ball from Sneijder when the Danish keeper makes a miraculous save.

Although Netherlands tried to score on the last minutes, Denmark defenders made it impossible.

Final Score: Denmark 1-0 Netherlands.

Statistics and Possession

Stats Netherlands Denmarl
Shots on Target 6 5
Shots Off Target 21 0
Possession 53 47
Corners 1 2
Off Sides 2 4
Fouls 7 11
Yellow 1 2
Red 0 0