Something You Would Like to Know About Euro Cup

Euro Cup 2012 is kicking off on two days from now(June 8). We would like to present you some interesting things you might want to know about Euro cup.


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  1. First Ever Euro cup was held in France which was won by Soviet Union over Yugoslavia in the finals(2-1).
  2. Italy hosted and won third European championship where they defeated Soviet Union on a coin Flipping and won final against Yugoslavia(2-1) after a rematch as a result of 1-1 draw.
  3. Euro [Year] (for example Euro 2012) naming system came into practice since Euro 1996 in England.
  4. Euro 2000 was first time when two countries hosted the tournament(Netherlands-Belgium). Poland-Ukraine is third time hosted by two countries after Austria-Switzerland in 2008.
  5. Euro cup Trophy is 8 Kilograms and 60 centimeters tall.
  6. Only since 1996, 16 teams are participating in the final tournament after Qualifier matches. On its establishment only four teams participated. From 2016, 24 teams will be participating in the final tournament due to increased number of European Football associations.
  7. France will host 2016 Euro cup which will be their third time and will be highest in number.
  8. France has never lost their final match, winning the title two times.
  9. Michel Platini from France is Euro cup all time top goalscorer scoring 9 goals. See More
  10. Spain’s Captain and Goal Keeper ker Casillas is one of the player to participate in highest number of Euro cup(4).
  11. Netherlands’ Van der Sar and France’s Thuram has played most number of Euro cup matches counted 16.
  12. If Spain wins Euro cup 2012, they will be only team to defend their title. Spain won Euro 2008 beating Germany 1-0 with the only goal scored by Chelsea striker Fernando Torres on 33rd minute.