Euro Cup 2008 Recap and Its Influence on Euro 2012

Euro 2008 was the thirteenth European Championship which took place in Austria and Switzerland, both hosted the Euro cup for the first time in their history. The game took place from 7 June to 29 June 2008 and total 31 games were played. It was first time when Austria and Poland participated for European Cup. Both Austria and Poland could not go past the group stage.

Greece were the defending champions for the tournament winning the title eight years back on 2004 while they performed their worst not winning any games in the group stage which left them back on winning the title.

Spain National Team Celebrating its Euro cup 2012 Title

Group Stage Matches

As always there were 4 groups with 16 teams on total. Groups are shown below in the order they stood on the table. The numbers in brackets shows the points each individual team acquired in the group stage.

Group A:Portugal(6), Turkey(6), Czech Republic(3), Switzerland(3)

  • Portugal and Turkey were similar on points but Portugal won the group with higher goal difference.

Group B: Croatia(9), Germany(6), Czech Republic(3), Switzerland(3)

Group C: Netherlands(9), Italy(9), Romania(2),France(1)

  • Netherlands all of their matches leading the group while France won no matches, drawn to 1 and settled in the last place below Romania who were able to make 2 games draw.

Group D: Spain(9), Russia(6), Sweden(3), Greece(0)

  • Spain won all 3 games while the defending Champions Greece were pointless at the end of all group matches.

Netherlands were the most successful team in the group stage as they were able to forward 9 goals and concede just 1 winning 3-0, 4-1 and 2-0 against Italy, France and Romania respectively.

Quarter Finals

Quarter Finals of The Euro cup 2008 took place from 19 June to 22 June where 8 teams, two from each four groups participated. The teams to proceed to semi finals after registering win at Quarter Finals were Germany, who won the first Quarter Final match of the tournament against Portugal(Ger 3-2 Por). The second winner of the quarter finals were Turkey which was decided on penalties after the game ended 1-1 against Croatia. Netherlands were defeated against Russia at extra time in third quarter finals when both the teams scored 1 goals each, later Russia added 2 more goals to win it on extra time. Fourth team to proceed to semi finals were Spain who defeated Group c runner ups Italy 4-2 on penalties after full time and extra time ended 0-0.

Semi Finals

Germany and Spain were two teams to register win in the Semi Finals and proceed to the finals. Germany defeated Turkey on an interesting match in Switzerland under the presence of 39,000 people. Germany won 3-2 with decisive goal coming from Philip Lahm only in 90th minute of the game.

Similarly Spain won 0-3 against Russia dominating the second half. Spain scored all their 3 goals on the second half of the game.


Spain and Germany entered the finals of the tournament defeating Russia and Turkey respectively. The game took place under the presence of 51,248 people in Ernst Happel Stadion, Vienna. Torres was the only man to score after last minute result was 1-0. Spain were the only second nation to win all their matches in the tournament after France in 1984.


Winner: Spain(Won 6 games without any loss and draw)

Highest Goal Scorer: David Villa(4 goals)

Best Player of Tournament: Xavi

Hat Trick: Only Hat Trick came from Villa against Russia.

Xabi with Euro Player of Tournament Title

Prize Money

UEFA has announced that they distributed total sum of €184 million during the tournament which has been distributed on the following basis.

-All 16 participated teams were distributed €7.5 Million each.
-All winners of Group Stage were provided €1 Million and half million € for draw.
-Teams which proceed to Quarter Finals were Given €2 Million each.
-Teams Reaching Semi Finals were distributed €3 Million each.
-Germany were awarded extra €4.5 Million as a runner ups.
-Spain grabbed €7.5 Million along with the trophy.

Influence on Euro Cup 2012

No doubt previous tournaments has its influence on its preceding tournament. In the same way Euro cup 2012 will somehow be linked with 2008 session. Spain who were the champions four years back would look to defend their title while Germany will look to heal the wound they got by the defeats on Finals. Greece might want to improve to hide their poor performance last time while there might be many rivalries set during previous session which might get stimulated this year.