Highest goal scorer in Euro Cup

Givemegoal.com has collected the name of the highest scorers in this continental tournament which was started in 1960. Highest Scorers are:

1. Michel Platini- 9 Goals

Michel Platini is highest Euro goal scorer

Michel Platini is the highest goal scorer in the history of euro. He scored all goals in 1984 euro cup held in France his home country. He was also captain of his national team. He lead France into euro glory.  He is also considered as one of the best passers in football history as well as one the best free kick specialists and finishers. He was highest goal scorer in history of France before Henry broke it in 2007. Platini played in only one edition of euro.

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2. Alan Shearer- 7 Goals

Alan Shearer Euro

Alan Shearer is Second highest goal scorer in history of euro cup. He never won euro cup with England but score 5 goals in home to win Golden boot. His other 2 goals in euro came in 11 version held in Holland and Belgium. He he also remembered as a loyal player in modern football. After he joined club of his heart New Castle he ended his career their but didn’t won any major trophy. He played in 2 euro cup.

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3. Nuno Gomes, Thierry Henry, Patrick Kluivert, Rudd van Nistelrooy- 6 Goals

Ruud van nistelrooy retires

Nistelrooy was second highest goal scorer with 4goals in 2004 euro cup held at Portugal. 2 others goal was scored in Euro 2008 at Switzerland.

Kluivert was joint highest scorer in euro 2000 at Holland and Belgiumwith Milosevic. He scored 5 goals in that edition. He has scored 40 goals for Dutch International side.

Thierry Henry has scored in three edition of euro cup. He scored 3 goals in Holland and Belgium in 2000, Scored twice in 2004 and scored once in 2008. He is the highest goal scorer for French international team.

Nuno Gomes also scored in three edition of euro cup. He scored 4 goals in 2000, scored each goals in 2004 and 2008.