Silva Happy to be Compared With Messi

The Spanish Attacking Midfielder admits that the remark he got from Spain coach Vicente del Bosque helps motivation on his career.

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Silva Playing for Spain

Silva responds positively to Spanish coach’s comparison, as Bosque claimed that Silva was Spain’s Messi. Being compared with World the best player in the world is more than a compliment is what Silva says on a press conference. Silva said that the compliment might help him to adapt better for the national team.

In addition to this Silva talks about the friendly match against Serbia whom he consideres as greater threat. (Check Spain vs Serbia Predictions) Serbians ranks 32 in FIFA ranking and David Silva worries about the match as he stated that when Silva and his teammates checked the video, they found that Serbian teams attacks a lot.

Spain would like to keep their rank and search for a European title as their form may help them this time. Silva may prove himself an important part of the team in the European session as the Spaniard is capable of both, making assist and scoring goals which makes him both, playmaker and striker. Silva’s attacking midfield position can be threat to their opponent this tournament.