Chelsea Wins The Champions League

Chelsea wins the Champions League to complete their doubles this season on a cool final penalty from the Ivorian striker Drogba who also found an equalizer on late minute of 90 minutes time to take the game to extra time and then on penalty.

Chelsea Wins Champions league


Chelsea takes it to the extra time when Drogba scores a bullet header in a corner ball by Mata  just 5 minutes after Mullar’s sweet header on the goal.

Both the goals on the game came on the second half of the contest when both the team were unable to find any goals on the first half of the game. First goal on the game came from Muller on 83 minutes of the game which was equalized by a powerful header from the Ivorian man Didier Drogba who has always been hero for Chelsea on crucial matches. The game was sent to  extra time.

Drogba who was hero on the last minute of second half could have been villain on Chelsea’s point of view when a silly mistake from Drogba costed them a penalty kick which was saved by Cech to prevent any major loss. Robben was unable to convert the penalty shot as Cech dives to the left and gets the ball giving no chance to anyone to score even in rebound.

Both the teams fails to score on the extra half of the game which takes the game to penalty.

Penalty Shootout

1.Bayern Munich: Munich Captain Lahm Scores. Cech got fingers to it but could not save. Bayern 1-0 Chelsea

2.Chelsea: Mata stopped by the goal Keeper. Bayern 1-0 Chelsea

3.Bayern Munich: Mario Gomez scores. Bayern 2-0 Chelsea

4. Chelsea: David Luiz fires a bullet into the net. Bayern 2-1 Chelsea

5.Bayern Munich: Goal Keeper against Goal Keeper. Neuer Scores against Cech. Bayern 3-1 Chelsea

6.Chelsea: Lampard scores. Bayern 3-2 Chelsea

7. Bayern: Olic saved by Cech. Bayern 3-2 Chelsea

8.Chelsea: A.Cole scores to level. Bayern 3-3 Chelsea

9.Bayern: Schweinsteiger hits the post. Bayern 3-3 Chelsea

10. Chelsea: Drogba scores. Bayern 3-4 Chelsea.

Chelsea wins the Champions League for the first time in the history on Penalty kick.

Player of the game: Peter Cech