Kenny Dalglish Now Officially Sacked by Liverpool

A message can now be spread that Dalglish has been officially sacked following a discussions with Liverpool FC Owner.

Tim-werner-and-Kenny Dalglish

Liverpool Legend Kenny Dalglish has now been officially sacked as Manager of Liverpool as the Scottish Manager fails to provide his team with better position in the League Table. Kenny who has master-minded for teams success failed as this was the worse season for Liverpool. Liverpool which stood 9th position in the Premier League this season is its worst records in past 20 years of Premier league history.

Dalglish’s plan was proved wrong when his 100£ million worth of transfer investment returned no good result.

Dalglish who had been appointed as the Player-Manager of team back in 1985 had better results then present. As a player manager, he had a win percentage of 60 but this years season has not been lucky for the Scottish as Liverpool had just won 35 out of his 74 games which looks worse even on statistics.