Ranking English Premier League Teams- 2011-2012

So Givemegoal team has currently rounded up the performance of English teams this season and ranked the teams in top 10 order by descending order here.

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10. Fulham: Ranked 9th in the premier league at almost end of season, Fulham secures the 10th spot in the table.

9. Stoke City:  Their performance at FA cup and Carling cup lead them to 9th position despite of lying in the 14th position at the Premier league table 5 points below Fulham.

8. Newcastle United: Despite of their better performance in EPL where they lied 5th in the league table, their loss against Blackburn in Carling cup secod round and Brighton & Hove Albion at FA cup sends them down in the ranking.

7.Everton: Inspite being 9 clear points below Newcastle in league table, Everton’s FA cup performance keeps them in 7th position in this ranking.

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6.Liverpool: Carling cup Winners are ranked 6th because of their performance in FA cup where they destroyed teams like Everton, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United but their poor run in EPL sends them down in ranking.

5.Tottenham: The in-form team at the starting of season ended 4th in the English Premier league position as they were not able to continue their initial form. They lied 5th in the list due to their poor aggregate performance in major tournaments.

4. Arsenal: Arsenal with great effort to chase back against AC Milan in the Champions league and better performance in EPL are at the fourth position.

3.Manchester united: United being knocked out from Champions league at the group stage, Europa at Round of 16, Carling cup at Quarter Finals and FA cup at fourth round and ending third in the league table lost their chance to stand top of this list.

2.Manchester City:Winning the English Premier Leagye, City are second at this list as they were unable to show better performance at Europa, Champions league and FA cup.

1.Chelsea: Chelsea reaching the finals of Fa cup and Champions league, they lie top of the chart. Chelsea ranked 6th in the Premier league table but its performance on FA cup, Carling and Champions league altogether help them lead the chart. Chelsea was only the team this season to keep hope on all major tournaments played this season.