Chelsea Stands in the Final

Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea (Aggregate : Chelsea 3-2 Barcelona)

Torres: Better side always doesnot win.

Barcelona were knocked out of Champions league after Chelsea were able to keep the match at 2-2 level. Despite of Barcelona’s humilating attact, 10 men Chelsea were able to defend the goals after they were favored by luck as well.

Chelsea Fan Barcelona Win Happy Champions League

Torres’s stoppage time goal confirmed the aggregate victory as the 10 men visitors were able to dump Barcelona out of the Champions league.

Barcelona had great possession on the game and were impressive throughout the match when their first breakthrough started in 35′ of the game when Sergio Busquets Burgos netted the close ball from Cuenca to provide home side an advantage.

The pressure to the visitors continued when John Terry was red carded just 2 minutes after the goal after Terry was caught by the lines man to knees Sanchez.  Chelsea then tried to defend the game with just 10 men.

Later Iniesta found a great assist from Messi which he turned into a goal(43′). Chelsea were just 1 goals down in an aggregate until Ramires scored just before the end of the first half. He was able to collect long ball from Lapmard and chip the ball over Valdes to level the aggregate score.

The second half of the game started with a strategy for Chelsea after they decided to deny any goal in their net and win the semis on the home goal advantage. They never tried to score but they tried to stop Barca to score any goals. The strategy included either time loss or long clear. Cech was even shown yellow card in his attempt to waste the clock.

Barcelona then again proceed to add attacks after attack but all their attacks were either blocked by the defense, or hits the bar or saved by the incredible performer of the game, Peter Cech.  Messi’s penalty miss in the 49′ of the game provided more frustration to the home team.

Barcelona were able to attack for the maximum time but they struggled to find any goal. Later their hope turned down when Torres found a one and one competition with Barca goalie and was able to score to secure their place in Munich.

Ramires, Terry and Meireles will miss the finals in Munich.