An Analysis on Euro Cup 2012 Group of Death

Group B on Euro Cup 2012 can be considered as the Group of death as teams like Holland, Denmark, Germany and Portugal.


With top teams like Germany, Holland, Portugal and Denmark lying on the same group, it will be interesting to see which two will proceed and which two will not make to the further round.


Germany: Germany is the top team on the basis of Fifa Ranking. It has just proceed one step up to gain the top position. Ranked second on the Fifa Ranking, Germany is not only one of the top team in the group but also one of the strong expectations on the Euro Cup 2012.

FIFA Ranking:  2

World Cup Participation: 17

World Cup Win:3

Euro Cup Win:3

NetherlandsNetherlands/Holland is other team to watch from Group B. They lie on the fourth spot on the Fifa Ranking. With their both strikers on form, Netherlands can be considered top team of the tournament. They hold the record of playing the most final with

FIFA Ranking: 4

World Cup Participation: 9

World Cup Win: 0 (Runner up 3 times)

Euro Cup Win: 1

Portugal: Portugal Ranking behind Netherlands and just above Brazil, i.e on the fifth spot are looking forward to win the Tournament. Considered as the strong contestant of Europe, they will be fighting with other participants of the group of death.

FIFA Ranking: 5

World Cup Participation: 5

World Cup Win: 0 (Best result: Third)

Euro Cup Win: 0 (1 Time Runner Up)

Denmark: In-spite of Ranking beneath in the group, Denmark lie within the Top 10 in the world after being ranked ninth. Denmark might be under shadow but they could not be underestimated.

FIFA Ranking: 9

World Cup Participation: 4

World Cup Win: 0 ( Best: Quarter Finals)

Euro Cup Win: 1