Chelsea VS Barcelona: Champions League Prediction and Preview

Chelsea and Barcelona are meeting in the Champions league semi-Finals first leg in Stamford bridge.  Here we have collected last 6 matches previews when they met.

Barcelona Chelsea Preview 2006

Chelsea on Camp Nou-31 October 2006| The Game was Draw(2-2)

Last 6 Matches:

In last six meetings, they have been equally impressive with equal number of draws, win and defeats.


Won:1 Lost:1 Draw:4


Won:1 Lost:1 Draw:4

Chelsea Vs Barcelona Meeting after 2000 A.D

Year    Comp      Home  Chelsea  Barcelona    Winner
2005 UCL Barcelona 1 2 Barcelona
2005 UCL Chelsea 4 2 Chelsea
2006 UCL Chelsea 1 2 Barcelona
2006 UCL Barcelona 1 1 Draw
2006 UCL Chelsea 1 0 Chelsea
2006 UCL Barcelona 2 2 Draw
2009 UCL Barcelona 0 0 Draw
2009 UCL Chelsea 1 1 Draw


Stamford Bridge: Chel 1-1 Barca

Camp Nou: Barca 2-1 Chel

Agg: 3-2

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12 Responses to Chelsea VS Barcelona: Champions League Prediction and Preview

  1. fidelinho

    barce will give chelsea d game of their life. barcelona will win chelsea by 2:1 first leg

  2. Oni Emmanuel Olusegun

    Wait and see what will happen on tht day bwt chelsea and barc.

  3. Jackling Fernandis

    Its the game Chelsea. Just wait for the day and you will never forget the way you loose.DOWN GO CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!
    UP GO BARCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yulina AYu Dwi Wardani

    Please be noted: Barca dont over confident may you would fall down becauze over load your confidende ,,,,,,fack off barcelona

    Chelsea is the king champion thisyear

  5. Max

    I think Luiz will be able to shut down Messi and Drogba will go through the barca defense. I am sure it’s gonna be a 2-0 at bridge

  6. Emperior ifeanyi

    Chelsea will win the martch but it will be by penalty shootout

  7. Odogu don

    well Barca and chelsea are not mate if it comes to footbal,so i expect barca to teach chelsea football atleast 2-0 at the bridge.


    Well it is good to say that barca will win chelsea but it is very hard to prove. Bcos statistically the present form of barca can have a edge over chelsea but u guys shld nt 4get dat this is football where anything can happen and dnt 4get that from all games played by the both teams none of the teams has egde over the other. But i am very sure that Chelsea will stunn barca.

  9. sivaa_11

    i think chelsea 2-1 barca 1st leg ……2nd leg barca 1-1 chelsea chelsea wiill won 3-2 on agg

  10. Towealth

    Looking back on the past event I hereby predict Chel 2-0 Barca for 1st leg, chel 1-2 Barca, 3-2 agg.

  11. Belay

    I think it is the right time barca teaches chel. 1st leg che 0-1 Barca, 2nd leg 0-2, 0-3 agg.

  12. chelsea wins barca straight.