Chelsea vs Tottenham: Match report

Tottenham maintain their five point lead over Chelsea after draw at Stamford Bridge. Free kick from Mata and head from Bale hits onto the bar to end a match as goalless draw.

blues vs spurs

Chelsea were hopeful of victory before the match after return of the captain John Terry but spurs played good football to stop Chelsea from win. Now spurs are 5points ahead of Chelsea for the champions league position.

In first half Chelsea played well but due to lack of quality strike they failed to score. Lampard fails to score after Drogba created a pass. In 10th minute Drogba couldn’t control the ball from Terry. Tottenham played counter attacking football by keeping Adebayor at their heart. Before the end of the first half Cech and Cole denied the ball from Van Der Vart on first and second attempt.

Second half was not too impressive for both teams in early minute. Bale, Walker and Sturridge strikes the ball far from the post. In the 70th minute Mata’s free kick hot the sidebar. After few minutes Adebayor controlled the long pass and get ball pass the Cech but it was Cahill who slides to send ball through the corner to save a goal, Again in the corner Bale’s heading effort strikes the cross bar.

It was hard earned point for both teams. Fixture was expected as a deciding for champions league but now we have to wait till the end of the season.